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The name Nexen is a combination of two future-oriented words; next and century (Hmmm, why didn’t we think of that – Tiscounters?). Nexen is dedicated to ensuring that active families and individuals reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth comfortable ride. Nexen Tire is a global manufacturer of high performance, passenger, SUV / light truck and winter tires, utilizing the latest technologies and delivering some of the highest quality tires in the industry. Nexen is also one of a select group of tire manufactures that are specified as standard fitment on original equipment vehicles, which is a true testament to its quality products. Investments made in state of the art manufacturing and cutting edge research and development ensure that Nexen will continue to deliver on its brand promise to customers.

Tire Quality And Safety

Nexen Tire’s #1 priority is product quality and consumer safety. In the over 70 years of producing tires, Nexen has never had a product recall. To maximize the benefits of Nexen quality to consumers, they’ve instituted one of the tire industry’s best warranties on all patterns to help you avoid premature maintenance costs.

Nexen Tire is the winner of many design awards including (but not limited to) IDEA (2014), G-Mark (2013), Dot Design (2012) and IF Design (2011). The talented engineers and designers at Nexen will continue to innovate and introduce premium products in the future.

Nexen’s most popular product line boasts the following tires models:

Nfera SU1

This tire offers Nexen Ultra High Performance with excellent handling, braking and comfort.

Nfera RU5

Expect Ultra High Performance for your Crossover or SUV. These tires supplement excellent handling and braking and have a long tread life.


These High Performance All Season tires provide excellent braking and handling for all road conditions, in addition to their fantastic tread life.

Roadian AT Pro

Roadian AT Pros are designed for the all-terrain SUV or light truck. They provide excellent braking and off-road traction without sacrificing tread life.

Roadian HTX

Highway Terrain SUV and Light Truck with excellent comfort and fuel efficiency while providing great tread life.

Roadian HP

The Roadian HP was engineered for Performance SUVs to supplement great handling and larger inch diameter sizes. 

If you’re looking for great quality, accompanied by signature TD service, come speak with a TD Associate about which Nexen products are right for your vehicle. Call us today

Product availability varies by location, so call ahead. If we don’t have it in stock at your store, we will do our best to find it for you.

And of course, you get a free alignment with 4-tire purchase with TD standard installation² ($99.99 value).

¹Can be combined with other offers or discounts except warranty adjustments. Offer applies only when purchasing four new tires with TD standard installation. No carry-outs. Not applicable on trailer tires or used tires. Limited time only. See store for details.